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How To Plan a Destination Florida Beach Wedding (A planning tip)!

Each year, during the engagement season, we like to give tips that help with your destination wedding planning.  This tip, "How To Plan a Destination Florida Beach Wedding", we talk about every year because it's one of the most asked questions.

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We'll touch on steps for planning your Florida Beach Wedding.  We've found that our couples know they want to have a beach wedding, but aren't always sure how to get started.  Sometimes you feel like you are planning in a circle!

Deciding to get married at the beach is an easy decision, but you might ask, "what do I do then?"  We here at Sunset Beach Weddings believe that if you follow these simple steps you'll plan your wedding and eliminate some stress during the process.

1. You're engaged!  You want to have a beach wedding!  First step, PICK YOUR DATE!

Choosing your date is the first step, this may include a date range.  When you call wedding companies and beach rental companies, they'll ask you this.  Check with your family and key guests to see if the date or date range works for them too!

2. Book a wedding company for your date!

Take care to find a wedding company that fits your needs and makes you feel comfortable with your decision.  This can include your officiant, photographer, decoration, and coordination.  Don't worry about location quite yet, most wedding companies will handle all the regions here in the panhandle of Florida.  If your package includes photography, look through their photographs on the company's website.  You'll want to see many examples of their work.  Not just a few of their best photos.

3. Choose a place to stay!  Pick the beach area you want to be in and your Lodging!

Do you want to stay on the beach?  In a beach house?  Condo?  Hotel?  Where do you think your guests will want to stay?  Most wedding companies will also give you a local vendor list that can help you find your lodging.  You can also use this list to suggest places to stay for your guests.  There are many many options for lodging here, so don't get overwhelmed and feel like you just have to have a certain place, keep looking, you'll find one that fits your budget and plans.  Ask for a discount, many will offer if they know you're ready to book.  Our online vendor list can be seen here:

4. Choose your Ceremony location!

Depending on where you're staying, you'll want your ceremony as close as possible.  We will help you choose the location using our knowledge and experience.  But knowing where you're staying will make this much easier.

photo by Sunset Beach Wedding Photography

5.  Decide what you'd like to do after your ceremony.

Do you want a classic reception?  Do you want to go to dinner?  Have a party?  Many couples have receptions right where you're staying.  Rented a big beach house?  Have your reception right there!  Have your reception at a local restaurant.  Want to hire a caterer?  Have a party on the beach?  Many options at this point, but everyone you talk to will want to know what your date is!  The vendor list comes in very handy for making this decision.  If hosting your own reception, do you want to cater or do-it-yourself?  No wrong answer here for your wedding reception.  The valuable vendor list will give you lots of ideas for catering as well.

6.  Done

Other than small details you've planned your wedding!  These decisions don't have to be made on the same day, follow these tips and your planning will be much less stressful!

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